“Tonight’s Multi-Jurisdictional Contractor Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting invited clinical experts and industry subject matter experts on how remote physiologic monitoring (RPM) and remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) for non-implantable devices contribute to achieving meaningful and measurable patient outcomes. The Connected Health Initiative was pleased to participate as a selected subject matter expert.

“Subject matter expert interventions made during the CAC meeting, including the CHI’s subject matter expert Dr. Richard Frank, reflected unanimity across providers that RPM and RTM improve patient outcomes, propel population health forward, enhance clinician experiences, and save costs across use cases. The CHI looks forward to working with Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) and other policymakers moving forward and will be providing comments and data in follow up to our engagement today demonstrating RPM’s and RTM’s efficacy, and its vital role in the future of American healthcare. Much work remains to be done to realize the potential of innovative digital health tools like RTM and RPM.

“The CHI’s participation in today’s CAC meeting also demonstrated the value and timeliness of the CHI’s new effort to develop its Digital Health Evidence Resource, comprising of publications of high-quality clinical trials in high-impact peer-reviewed journals, as well as significant meta-analyses, reports from government agencies, and Clinical Practice Guidelines from professional societies. We welcome engagement from all stakeholders as we build this critical tool for informing policymaker decisions about digital health at all levels. Those interested in being a part of this leading effort are encouraged to contact Brian Scarpelli, the CHI’s Executive Director, at bscarpelli@actonline.org.”