Brian Scarpelli, executive director of the Connected Health Initiative (CHI), expressed CHI’s support for the bill:

“Interoperability is critical to realize the promise of digital health and enable better, more cost-effective, patient-centered care. Patients and caregivers benefit immensely from the introduction of new, innovative medical devices and their evolving data collection and analysis capabilities. But health providers’ electronic health record (EHR) systems must be able to communicate with the wide range of medical devices on which patients now rely. Especially given the explosion of connected health technology during the public health emergency, interoperability is more important than ever,” said Scarpelli. “The success of value-based care models will increasingly rely on digital health tools that synthesize a patient’s or a population’s health information to produce an accurate and actionable diagnosis. We applaud this legislation as a reasonable and important step in achieving data interoperability across the wide range of medical devices in use today and in the future.”