Connected health technology is changing how healthcare is delivered.

CHI works to clarify outdated health regulations, incentivize the use of connected health technologies, and ensure an environment in which patients and consumers can see improvement in their health.

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Our Aim


CHI educates key decision-makers at the federal and state levels about the effectiveness, quality, and potential of connected health and wellness technology.


CHI fosters a regulatory environment that allows for innovation and encourages the adoption of connected health technology. We work with key agencies and decision-makers to update outdated regulations and promote the adoption of new and productive legislation and regulations.


Through the creation, promotion, and distribution of research, white papers, and industry best practices, CHI demonstrates the effectiveness of connected health technology and supports quality measures and implementation.

Our Focus

Artificial Intelligence



Quality Assurance

Our Coalition


Our Coalition

Our Coalition

Members of the CHI Steering Committee serve an advisory capacity that shapes and drives CHI’s yearly goals and agenda. Joining the steering committee guarantees your company the opportunity to help guide CHI’s policy work, research initiatives, and state and federal engagement for the year.

Join the Steering Committee

Coalition Benefits Include:

Annual Meeting

The steering committee will meet to discuss and define CHI’s policy objectives and initiatives for the coming year. Only those who sit on the steering committee will be granted access to this meeting.


Steering committee members have complete access to CHI companies and are given priority access to and input on CHI events, including the CHI-led Ad Hoc Telemedicine Coalition, an organization led by ACT staff that is comprised of more than 125 organizations from across the tech and healthcare ecosystem. Steering committee members are also granted first access to the sponsorship of events, research papers, advocacy reports, and more.

Advocacy Strategy

Steering committee members are given advance knowledge of legal and policy developments and updates, market trends, and CHI’s advocacy work. Further, they are empowered to provide initial input on (1) CHI deliverables and (2) multi-organizational deliverables driven through the CHI-led Ad Hoc Telemedicine Coalition.


Steering committee members will be given first priority for speaking opportunities on Capitol Hill and at conferences as well as priority access to media opportunities, and are notified of projects, events, and research initiatives before the rest of CHI’s membership.