Background: Quality of life (QoL) matters the most to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and is associated with healthcare usage and survival. Pulmonary rehabilitation is the most effective intervention in improving QoL but has low uptake and adherence. Home-based programs are a proposed solution. However, there is a knowledge gap on effective and sustainable home-based programs impacting QoL in patients with COPD.

Objective: To determine whether remote patient monitoring with health coaching improves the physical and emotional disease-specific QoL measured by the Chronic Respiratory Questionnaire (CRQ).

Methods / Measures: This multicenter clinical trial enrolled 375 adult patients with COPD, randomized to a 12-week remote patient monitoring with health coaching (n = 188) or wait-list usual care (n = 187). Primary outcomes include physical and emotional QoL measured by the CRQ summary scores. Prespecified secondary outcomes included the CRQ domains: dyspnea, CRQ-fatigue, CRQ-emotions, CRQ-mastery, daily physical activity, self-management abilities, symptoms of depression/anxiety, emergency room/hospital admissions, and sleep.

Results: Participant age: 69 ± 9 years; 59% women; forced expiratory volume in 1 second percent predicted: 45 ± 19. At 12 weeks, there was a significant and clinically meaningful difference between the intervention versus the control group in the physical and emotional CRQ summary scores: change difference (95% confidence interval): 0.54 points (0.36-0.73), P < 0.001; 0.51 (0.39-0.69), P < 0.001, respectively. In addition, all CRQ domains, self-management, daily physical activity, sleep, and depression scores improved (P < 0.01). CRQ changes were maintained at 24 weeks.

Conclusions: Remote monitoring with health coaching promotes COPD wellness and behavior change, given its effect on all aspects of QoL, self-management, daily physical activity, sleep, and depression scores. It represents an effective option for home-based rehabilitation.

Trial Registration: Clinical trial registered with (NCT03480386).