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WEAR IT is simpler for taxpayers: under current eligibility rules, taxpayers would need to buy several separate items (EKG monitor, catastrophic fall detector, heart rate monitor, passive highly sensitive thermometer, and pulse oximeter) to obtain the functionality of a single device that WEAR IT would cover.

HSAs and FSAs mainly benefit middle income earners: 69 percent of HSA holders earn between $30,000 and $90,000.

WEAR IT is future-proof: instead of needing to add devices and software separately for each medical condition, WEAR IT would include life-saving innovations, so long as they collect and analyze physiologic data to “prevent, mitigate, or treat” a medical condition, consistent with the current statute.

Wearable tech works better: the multi-function devices WEAR IT would partially cover (up to $375) are often FDA listed and work better than covered competing devices.