(WASHINGTON, DC) January 27, 2021– Today, the Connected Health Initiative (CHI) announced the formation of a new Value-Based Care Task Force within CHI to identify key legislative and regulatory changes needed to advance value-based care by incorporating digital health tools in the American healthcare system.

“The U.S. government recognizes the need to shift the American healthcare system from a fee-for-service approach to one that incents value and improved outcomes,” said Morgan Reed, executive director of CHI. “But healthcare costs continue to soar, disparities are more pronounced than ever, and the ideal of a value-based ecosystem remains unrealized. CHI believes the responsible use of digital tools can speed the adoption of a value-based system that prioritizes high-quality and more efficient patient care.”

CHI’s new Value-Based Care Task Force will evaluate the healthcare ecosystem’s implementation of value-based care models to date, including in the context of Medicare, and develop a white paper that includes granular recommendations on:

  • Federal legislative changes needed to advance value-based care through greater use of digital health in the context of fee-for-service, the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), and Alternative Payment Models (APMs).

  • Federal regulatory changes needed for digital health tools to better enable value-based care across today’s key payment systems (e.g., Physician Fee Schedule, Durable Medical Equipment, etc.).

  • Ways to incent further innovation by private payers to systemically advance value-based care.


About CHI: The Connected Health Initiative (CHI) is the nation’s leading consortium of health technology innovators, policy experts, and patient advocates. Together, we advance solutions that enable providers and patients to achieve better health outcomes, reduce health costs and foster the adoption of transformative technology throughout the healthcare system.