Today, the Connected Health Initiative released a statement from executive director, Morgan Reed:

“The executive order is a critical step in expanding telehealth coverage for some of the most vulnerable Americans during the pandemic and ensure these digital health services are made sustainable and permanent. The order addresses many of the priorities the Connected Health Initiative and its partners have advocated for years.

 “The order not only requires the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to propose new regulations necessary to make permanent many of the telehealth flexibilities created during the public health emergency, but also requires the Secretary to create a new innovative payment model for rural healthcare providers to provide the necessary level and quality of care. It also asks for proposals for new programs and investments to expand rural access to broadband and improve rural communications infrastructure for healthcare. Programs that expand effective usage of existing spectrum can have a dramatic impact and ensure millions of Americans will have the access to broadband they do not have today.

 “The order takes specific aim at leveraging connected health technologies to better serve America’s rural communities which often suffer from access to primary and specialist care. While the Administration can do much to realize the promise of digital health tools in improving care and lowering costs, Congress must take further action. We urge Congress to consider action to achieve the full benefits of all digital health tools across modalities offer including use of remote patient monitoring and wearables to allow patients and doctors to stay engaged in their care no matter how far they live from their provider.

 “We support the steps taken today through executive action. However, America also needs Congress to step up with legislation to ensure that the Medicare patients will have access to digital health services regardless of where they live or where they happen to be when they conduct a virtual visit with their caregiver.”


Contact: Ashley Durkin-Rixey
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About CHI: The Connected Health Initiative (CHI) is the nation’s leading consortium of health technology innovators, policy experts and patient advocates. Together, we advance solutions that enable providers and patients to achieve better health outcomes, reduce health costs and foster the adoption of transformative technology throughout the healthcare system.